Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Kalevala Koru Dragon series

This is new, but yet old Kalevala Koru series: Dragon.

The fire-spewing dragon is a giant lizard-like fantasy creature, known in myths all over the world. In Scandinavian mythology there are several sagas of dragon slaying heroes... the best known might be Sigurd who had a special sword to kill the dragon. He ate the dragon's heart and was able to understand the language of the birds...

In the first centuries AD in Scandinavia, men of power used to wear golden neck rings, skilfully crafted and decorated with fantastic animal heads, as a sign of their status. The design of this piece of jewelry has been inspired by a golden neck ring, probably dating from the Roman Iron Age, that was found in Nousiainen in 1770. The Nousiainen neck ring is unique among prehistoric objects found in Finland.