Sunday, December 13, 2009

Reino Saastamoinen Designs

I just came across some old Reino Saastamoinen bronze jewelry from late 1960's... what a great funky designs! Saastamoinen used raw Finnish stones in his designs and they all have some what primitive look to them. I just love his style! Aren't they gorgeous!

The top one is bronze with zoisite and the bottom one bronze with tiger eye.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Eco Friendly Jewelry from Finland

This is an innovative line of jewelry by Secco! Made of recycled cell phone key pads and zippers!

SECCO consists of an enthusiastic group of people, among which you can find designers, producers, and material collectors. The network is based on criteria that unites makers and users: innovation, quality, cooperation and sustainability.

The raw materials are acquired from various waste collection and recycling companies. Many of these are social enterprises, who strive to employ long-term unemployed, people with disabilities or immigrants.

The SECCO workshop was established in spring 2002 in Petäjävesi and moved 2006 to Jyväskylä, Central Finland. There young professionals from the field of crafts and industrial design work and innovate. In their laboratory materials and production methods are tested in various ways. It is an open ground for experimenting with ideas.

You can find Secco jewelry by clicking any of the pictures above.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finnish Retro Jewelry Designers

There were quite a few exceptional designers who put Finnish jewelry on the world map... here are some of them...

Professor Björn Weckström, Finnish sculptor and jewellery designer, has worked for Lapponia Jewelry since 1963. The gold nuggets Björn Weckström found in Lapland in the early 1960s were the start of an entirely new jewellery design, a design inspired by nature. A forerunner in his field, the artist breaks the traditional concepts of jewelry design by boldly combining different materials.

In the 60s Pentti Sarpaneva came with his wonderful bronze creations exploiting rough surfaces and unpolished gemstones, They had a look of volcanic lava flowing over them. He produced Folk jewelry as well but even here there was still an untamed rather than traditional feel to his designs.

Pentti Sarpeneva (1925- 1978) , brother of the more famous Timo, also played with bronze, often warming it up with amethyst, rose and smoke quartz, all natural stones found in his homeland, Finland. Sarpaneva combined modern with revival of ancient or at least traditional styles. His son, Stephan continues family traditions with his unique design watches.

Jorma Laine, best known as Finnish goldsmith and jewelry designer for Kultateollisuus and Turun Hopea, especially in 1960's and 1970's. His most impressive jewelry designs are made of silver, bronze and cut glass. The production of these and his other modern jewelry has been quite limited.

His contemporary jewelry pieces are extremely desirable around the world and not without reason! Laine's retro style is very original and distinctive.