Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rainbow Jewelry ~ Spectrolite Art from Finland

Rainbow Jewelry has specialized Spectrolite jewelry in silver and gold settings.

Spectrolite was discovered quite by accident in 1940 during the Second World War, when stones were being quarried along Finland's eastern border for the purpose of making antitank obstacles, which makes it a more recent discovery than the well-known Labradorite from Canada.

Spectrolite is Finland national stone. As each country is entitled to name its own gemstones, Professor Aarne Laitakari, then Director of the Geological Survey of Finland, chose the name ”Spectrolite”, obviously having in mind the spectrum, the colors of which are visual poetry. Also is said to be that colors reflect the nature of Finland: blue is born from the glittering of thousands lakes, green is the reflection of our country’s wilderness forest. Yellow, red and oranges are glowing brilliant colors of fall foliage in autumn.

The Spectrolite is regarded by gemologists as the world's most beautiful labradorite.

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