Monday, September 17, 2007

Ainut ~ Jewelry of Lapland

Ainut is located in Inari, North Eastern Lapland, 190 miles north from the Arctic Circle. It employs two local artisans: Ari Jarvenpaa (Lake's End) and Milla Pahajoki (Bad River) who have specialized silver and reindeer antler jewelry and traditional Lapland crafts like shaman drums and reindeer antler carvings.

Ainut has unique way to combine silver, reindeer antler and Finnish stones in their jewelry.

Sami handicrafts, duodji, are made with nature's materials and often have soft rounded shapes that are pleasing to the touch but are mainly functional. Traditional objects have kept the same designs and make statements through their intensive ornamentation. Decorating was, and is, an important part of the handicraft, in part to display the maker's technical skills, but also to preserve family and cultural patterns.

The reindeer plays a big part in Lapland culture; it is the basis for many materials, everyday objects and food produce. It is important to the Sami to learn everything about reindeer and this knowledge is passed on not only through formal education but also by word of mouth from generation to generation. Everything from the reindeer is kept and used: skin and horns are the basis for shoes and knives, meat is used in cooking and in further processing.


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